5 Reasons Why People Buy Brand New Homes

Many people buy new homes for just one reason…they want to own something brand new, something that has never belonged to anyone else. This is a desire on an emotional level. And while it’s perfectly valid reason, there are plenty of tangible reasons why buying a new home makes perfect sense.

  1. Everything’s done for you!

There are a few drawbacks in purchasing older homes. There’s a lot of work involved in getting an older home ready for a single individual, couple or family to movie into.  Peeling wallpaper will need to be stripped, there are invariably cracks in walls that will need to be spackled before repainting can be done. Old, well tracked-in carpet may need to be replaced – or stripped off completely if wooden floors are desired. (And then the wooden floors must be laid.)

Some people like to do all that work, others just want everything done, which is why they purchase a brand-new house to begin with!

  1. State-of-the-Art Technology

With a new home, buyers know that they are getting the latest technology when it comes to their heating and air conditioning (HVAC) unit and their water heater, not to mention refrigerator, dishwasher, and clothes washer and dryer.

The latest HVAC systems can be controlled electronically through one’s cell phone, if one has the appropriate app. The ductwork will have balance dampers, which will make the operation of the unit virtually noiseless. Ductwork in new homes is also sized properly for the home it’s installed in, and is insulated to help with energy efficiency. The refrigerant used in the latest HVAC systems (R410A) is much more environmentally friendly than the old (R-22).

Buyers may not know the reason behind all the technical upgrades, but they will certainly appreciate them!

They can also be confident that the plumbing and electricity fixtures will meet and probably exceed the building code.

And, of course, their roof will be brand new – whatever design it may be (flat, or with dormer and gables). Roofing technology continues to improve as well and roof membranes, the material used to coat shingles, and insulation material have all improved in the last decade.

This implementation of new technology gives the new home owner a feeling of security that nothing major will go wrong with their home for a long time! (And this will probably be the case, as long as basic maintenance is carried out seasonally! Regular maintenance such as replacing air filters will always be required, of course, and the lack of maintenance can negatively impact the life of any system.)

If something does go wrong with one of these systems due to manufacturing defect, they will be under warranty and so the cost to repair or replace them will be covered.

  1. Energy efficient and therefore Cost Efficient

A corollary to the state-of-the-art technology available in a brand-new home is that this new technology will be energy efficient, much more so than older designs that come with older houses.

HVAC units can be simultaneously smaller than older units, but also more efficient. EnergyStar windows will keep out drafts, so that temperatures can be set lower and still keep the house warm (or cool, depending on the season). In addition, these windows can block the harmful rays of the sun, while still letting in sunlight.Thermostats can be controlled electronically and therefore offer more precise temperatures.

Contemporary homes feature an open floor plan and high ceilings, but due to the efficiency of the systems, the cost to heat and cool such a home is relatively the same.

Energy efficient homes are of course great for the environment. Cost efficient homes are great for the pocket book of the home owner.

  1. Comfort

Another corollary to the savings in paying for utilities is that the home will be more comfortable.

This comfort manifests itself in a variety of ways. Fewer drafts, so no need to wear sweaters. Less noise pollution from the outside.

The new home buyer will be able to choose the brand and style furniture for the living room and bedrooms and thus choose the most comfortable designs of couches, chairs and beds to suit their needs.

  1. Safety and Security

Older homes may not meet present-day building codes as far as wiring – and they don’t need to unless the owner wants to do some remodeling. Newer homes will meet the latest safety codes.


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