7 Items on Every Home Buyer’s Wish List

Everyone who has made it their goal to buy a home of their own has a certain idea of what should be in that home. Their wish list can increase over time as they learn what is available and as their needs change – they’ve started a family, perhaps, or discovered that they enjoy entertaining friends and family.

  1. Efficient and Elegant Kitchen

For homeowners who expect to do a lot of entertaining, whether it be of family and friends or of co-workers and bosses, there are two things that are a necessity: a kitchen which is large enough to cook in without feeling cramped yet be able to easily keep clean and a separate dining room large enough for a suitable number of guests.

Let’s talk about the kitchen first.

Today’s new homes have kitchens equipped with energy-efficient appliances, easy-to-reach storage space, and high quality finishes for countertops.

Sufficient storage space for frying pans, baking pans, kettles, pressure cookers, as well as dinnerware and flatware is a must.

What most adds to the attractive look of a kitchen, however, are the high-quality finishes like tile and slab countertops complete with matching tile backsplash. These give the kitchen a finished look to ensure that it is not only functional but beautiful.

  1. Separate Dining Area

For home buyers who enjoy entertaining guests, and in particular hosting dinner parties, a separate dining area is essential.

The connection between the kitchen and the dining room can vary according to the buyer’s taste. Within the room itself, a china cabinet to display one’s best dinner services adds a touch of elegance.

  1. Master Bedroom perk #1: The Walk-in Closet

The master bedroom is the main bedroom of the home and is typically occupied by spouses – each of whom desires their own space within their shared space!

For many, a walk-in closet with sufficient room for clothing and accessories such as ties and shoes is a necessity rather than a luxury. A walk-in closet increases efficiency as clothing items are easily found, which is important early in the morning or when getting ready to attend an evening function.

  1. Master Bathroom perk #2: Countertop with Multiple Sinks

The placement of an elegant tub and shower combination in the master bathroom is a matter of taste. The bathroom can be outfitted with tile or marble floors, walls and ceilings depending on the buyer’s taste.

But what may be considered essential is a long countertop featuring two sinks so that two people can use the bathroom at the same time without inconveniencing each other. How many early morning or late night arguments about bathroom time may be avoided by the installation of this luxurious feature!

  1. Gas Fireplace

There’s nothing quite as romantic as cuddling together in front of a large fireplace in the great room when the temperatures start to drop in the evening.

Today’s fireplaces are efficient providing the heat and beauty of flickering flame as they heat the room instead of disappearing uselessly into the chimney.

  1. Separate Utility Room

Outdoor enthusiasts often return home tracking mud or snow into the home. A separate utility room is an essential feature to keep from bringing mud, melting snow, or other unwelcome effluvia into the home.

Furnishing this utility room with boot and shoe racks, as well as a long coat rack, enables everything within the room to stay organized, and organization is the key to having a room that not only suits its purpose but is also attractive in its own way. There’s no need for a messy utility room where one can’t find anything because everything is jumbled together.

In the same vein, the utility room can also be home to the washer and dryer, and neatness is essential here as well. All this extra room enables the home buyer to keep the home clean, neat and organized more easily.

  1. Outdoor Living Space

It’s pleasant to sit outside with a book and a beverage to relax or even to dine outside. And an outdoor living space is essential if one likes to entertain outdoors. There is nothing quite like dining outside in the fresh air when the weather is warm.

With all these features, new home buyers will be sure to enjoy the convenience and luxury of their home for a long time to come.




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