Buying A New Home in Bend, Oregon

It’s no surprise that buying a new home in Bend, Oregon is highly desirable for many people – both people moving laterally within town and people moving here from out of town. But finding the right home can be tricky as real estate prices rise and desirable home inventory shrinks.

Why is it so desirable to live in Bend, Oregon?

There are ample reasons why Bend has become a place that many seek to make their home. For one thing, Bend is the largest city in Central Oregon meaning great shopping, great restaurants, live theater, art galleries, dozens of festivals and, of course, an outdoor enthusiasts playground that’s tough to match. Once a logging town, Bend is now a gateway for a huge variety of outdoor sports. This hasn’t escaped the attention of publications like Outside Magazine naming it one of the 25 Best Towns of 2017, Sunset Magazine (24 Places to Live and Work), and Men’s Journal magazine, naming it one of “The 10 Best Places to Live Now.” Some Silicone Valley professionals have decided that the Bend lifestyle is worth the commute – a 10 hour drive or 70 minute commuter flight!

The name of the city came from a derivative of “Farewell Bend”. A name coined by early pioneers referencing the area that ran along the Deschutes River. Until 1824, Bend was really only known by Native Americans that lived, hunted, and fished here. But in 1824, a fur trapping party paid a visit and the secret was out. It became a municipality in 1905.

The population continues to rise, which many attribute to it becoming a popular tourist destination – people visit, fall in love and want to call Bend home. Though job opportunities aren’t as ample as Pacific Northwest metropolitans like Seattle and Portland, employment opportunities are growing and Bend has a reputation for being a hub for entrepreneurs. Breweries for example, including the Deschutes Brewery, the 6th largest craft brewery in the nation and one of over a dozen in the city. And several other Bend-based ventures that fit Bend’s entrepreneurial and sporty personality like: Silipint, Hydro Flask and Ruff Wear.

And then there is the growing population of people who don’t care about a great place to work. They’re just here to play, aka, retired! Particularly for the active retiree, why wouldn’t they want to retire here? From golf to fly fishing to hiking and skiing – there are endless opportunities for outdoor recreation. And if medical care is a concern, Bend is renowned for its hospitals and healthcare providers.

So, it’s clear that Bend is a wonderful place to live, but what about buying a home?

There are a lot of things to consider when you are buying a new home in Bend, Oregon. Aside from your budget, one of the biggest considerations is location, the area of town that best fits your needs. If you have a family, you’ll want a location that is safe and has a good school system. You may also choose a specific location based on how far it is from where you work. No matter what your priorities are, buying a home is a something to consider carefully before you take the plunge.

Should you buy a new home or an existing home?

One benefit of existing homes, at least in Bend, is that they may come with a larger lot size than a new home and the upfront cost can be lower (but be sure you factor in upgrades and repairs!).

But there are quite a few benefits to buying a new home in Bend, Oregon.


If you buy a home before it’s complete, you can have a say in the finishes, from the color palette, to materials and appliances. These are often options when a home is still under construction. Learn more about this in our article on the benefits of buying a pre-sale home.

Possible Financial Benefits

If you buy an existing home, you’re likely to have to paint it or put in flooring to meet your own personal style or because the finishes are dated or damaged. With a brand new home it’s unlikely that you’ll need to make these changes or repairs. And that’s not just for the day you move in, it’s likely that your maintenance costs over the next decade or more will be lower than with an aged home.

Up-To-Date Appliances, Color Palette, Energy Efficiency

New homes are typically equipped with the latest technologies within their price point. From effective insulation and dual paned windows to energy efficient appliances to modern wiring, it’s likely that you’ll start out far ahead of what you would have in a resale home.

But, whatever you choose, it’s easy to predict that with it’s outdoor adventures and friendly people, the city of Bend will feel like home. Welcome!

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