What Woodhill Homeowners Have to Say…

Thanks for looking out for us. I never once doubted you were doing what was best for us. I appreciate you working on quality yet mindful on costs.

All your employees have all been class acts.

We wish Woodhill Homes a lot of success in the future.

Brett L

Extremely responsive, has exceeded our expectations by being available at all times for any questions, fixes. Thank you for a great product and exceptional service.

Rick T

The home is perfect! The items that you get that are just basic to Woodhill homes are way above standard. With any other builder you’d pay an extra fee and with Woodhill it’s included in the base price. This was our first time buying a home and every thing about the process was amazing. Then we get this amazing house to live in and enjoy!

Jolisa S

When asked what they liked most about their new home or the service…”Isaac is awesome to work with he takes care of any issues right away.”

Chris D

When asked what they liked most about their new home or the service…”It was a good overall experience and we appreciated Megan and Graham.”

Ed V

When asked what they liked most about their new home or the service…”Issac helped us with concerns after we moved in — he was great to work with.”

Judy M

When asked what they liked most about their new home or the service…”The quality of the construction and the finishes, and the layout of the home design.”

Brad W

When asked what they liked most about their new home or the service…”Nice area. I love the upstairs space of my house and the views.”

Kathleen H

Courteous, efficient, good crew.

Edward H

When asked what they liked most about their new home or the service…”All of it. The open floor plan is great and the lot size is great!”

Curtis D

Everyone that has come to my new home vs my old home which was about the same sq footage have said how much more they like the layout of new home and the openness of it. I have received many compliments on the flooring.

Leslee S

When asked what they liked most about their new home or the service…”Their caring attitude and prompt action when a problem arises.”

Richard H

When asked what they liked most about their new home or the service…”For us the location is perfect. We also love how quiet and clean the neighborhood is.

Erika M

Good people to work with, Good value in the market.

Scott M

April 14, 2016

Woodhill Homes,

In early 2016, I purchased a new home of yours in the Ironstone neighborhood. After living here several months now, I’m increasingly convinced I made a great decision.

While knowing I wasn’t buying a “custom” home, my home has many hallmarks of a custom home. The larger than average front door, the quality kitchen touches (glass tile backsplash) and attention to small details has allowed me a real pride in ownership. It appears to me that the subcontractors on this job cared about quality, thank you!

Many thanks for offering quality at this price point in Bend.


Kent V.

We absolutely love our new Woodhill home. The house is well built, the landscaping is so well done, the finishes are great. Best of all, Isaac and Graham have been fantastic to work with. They have answered our million questions and been friendly and helpful throughout the process. We are incredibly pleased with our new home.

Thank you, Dan and Tracy C.

We met Jay, Graham and Erin the first day we saw the house. After that it was up to them to do all that it took to complete the house on time. We also relied on them to match the quality that they had offered us from the start. We knew when Jay gave us the initial tour we could expect and depend on nothing but the best from him and his crew. We were impressed at how important it was for them to make sure that we were satisfied throughout the entire building process. If at anytime there was a concern, Graham was instantly there to handle it. I should add that Graham still checks up on us and handles everything we need in a timely manner. What about the quality? We’ve looked at many houses here in Bend and also in Bismarck, North Dakota and nothing matches the high standard that Woodhill Homes offers.

– Linda & Cliff M.

Dear Prospective Home Buyer,

This letter is to recommend that your next purchase of a home be from Woodhill Homes, Inc. As a proud and satisfied new owner of a Woodhill Home, I can say that the superior quality of Woodhill homes is shown from start to finish, from the home itself, to service before, during and after the transaction. Woodhill’s management team contains the expertise to provide any customer complete satisfaction in their new home needs.

Make your next home a Woodhill Home.

Andrew W.

We want to let you know how appreciative we were with how efficiently our one year warranty inspection and repairs were completed. We were impressed during the “walk-through” with you and how you listened to and noted all of our concerns. We were pleased with how quickly the work that needed to be done was scheduled. The men that came were all on time (which in itself was much appreciated.) They were very professional, friendly, and cleaned up after the job was completed. Working with you has been a pleasure. Over this past year, you have been prompt to return calls, have followed-up quickly to our requests, and have made us even happier that we have purchased such a well built home from such a well run company.”

– Jerry and Sandy H.

Wanted to let you know that I just had an independent energy audit sponsored by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. My Woodhill Home rated very high. In fact the inspector noted that of 20 new homes he had tested in Bend, mine was the tightest in infiltration leakage. It also rated extremely well in minimal duct leakage.

Thank you, Woodhill.
– James S.

After living in our home for over a year now, we’re still impressed with the quality of the construction and attention to detail. Even after a year of steady use, (not to mention heavy abuse by our 1 1/2 year old) everything is as tight and sturdy as the day we moved in. It’s obvious that Woodhill Homes is a cut above the rest.

– Woodhill homeowner

After one and a half years in our home, we are very satisfied and glad we made the decision to purchase a Woodhill Home. Your superintendent was always considerate and prompt, working with us to make sure we were totally satisfied. I would not hesitate buying another Woodhill Home in the future. Thank you for building us such a wonderful home and being so great to work with.

– Woodhill homeowner

From our initial contact through our first year living in our home at Obsidian Meadows, we have been very pleased with Woodhill Homes. Upon settling on a floor plan and lot, our selections process concerning all our upgrades and full yard landscaping went smooth as silk throughout the entire construction period. Upon moving into our new home, we were thrilled at the quality. After a year, we continued to be impressed as there weren’t even the normal settling cracks or nail pops in our home. In fact, there were only a few minor items that needed repair which were taken care of professionally and efficiently by Woodhill Homes Superintendent, Graham Keller. All in all, we can’t say enough about Woodhill Homes as homeowners for our experience has been very positive, extremely low-key and just a very nice deal altogether.

– Dan K., Woodhill homeowner

We were not looking for a new home, but fell in love with the design and style of the homes offered by Woodhill Homes.

– Woodhill homeowner

I was impressed with the service we received when buying our home.

– Woodhill homeowner