Our Story

Jay and GeorgeWoodhill Homes was founded in April 2002 by George Hale and Jay Campbell. With combined experience in real estate and residential construction, they set out to build a company whose purpose was to find innovative ways to change the home buying and home building experience in Central Oregon. The result was a development company whose product was the creation of high quality production communities that are built with integrity and sustainability.

In the years since its inception, Woodhill Homes has built homes geared from entry level and move up markets to high end custom homes in Central Oregon and currently has homes available in Forest Meadows II in southwest Bend. With offices in both Bend and Portland, the company employs a team of professionals committed to the core values of integrity, adaptability, innovation, passion, self-starting, competition and responsibility.

A part of the Central Oregon community, Woodhill Homes is a proud member of Central Oregon Builders Association. Owner Jay Campbell served as the COBA President in 2015. Committed to doing its part, Woodhill has contributed to Make-A-Wish Foundation with a specially-built playhouse for a Central Oregon child as well as participated with Building Partners for Affordable Housing and built two green-certified homes for this local non-profit affordable housing group.

Woodhill Homes’ portfolio has grown to include several residential developments in Bend and Redmond, all committed to smart design, highest quality and affordable pricing. Woodhill Homes has participated in the COBA Tour of Homes™ annually since 2002, winning over 22 awards. Woodhill Homes was recognized by COBA as 2013 Builder of the Year. While Woodhill builds green certified homes at many different price points, the owners are especially proud of their work with Building Partners for Affordable Housing. This is a non-profit organization that provides affordable housing opportunities for working families.

Woodhill’s current developments are in Iron Stone, Reed Pointe and Hidden Hills, all in Bend. Iron Stone and Reed Pointe starting in the upper 200s. Hidden Hills starting in the lower 300s.

Select Woodhill Homes Awards

  • 2018 Tour of Homes

    • Under $350,000: Best Architectural Design
    • Under $350,000: Best Interior Finish
    • Under $350,000: Best Kitchen
    • Under $350,000: Best of Show
    • Under $350,000: Best Value
  • 2016 Tour of Homes

    • $600,000-$700,000 – Best Architectural Design
    • $600,000-$700,000 – Best Interior Finish
  • 2015 Builder of the Year

    • Awarded by Central Oregon Builders Association (COBA)
  • 2015 Tour of Homes

    • $259,000 – $310,000 – Best Landscaping
  • 2014 Tour of Homes

    • $575,000-$650,000 – Best Landscaping
    • $350,000 – $400,000 – Best Kitchen
    • $300,000 – $350,000 – Best Interior Finish, Best Master Suite
    • $255,000 – $300,000 – Best Architectural Design, Best Kitchen
    • Under $255,000 – Best Interior Finish, Best Master Suite
  • 2013 Tour of Homes

    • $500,000-$600,000- Elgin- Best Landscaping
    • Under $200,000- Best Master Suite -20528 Avro Pl., Best Interior Finish, Best Value and Best in Show
  • 2012 Tour of Homes

    • $550,000 – $700,000- Elgin – Best Landscaping
    • $250,000-$400,000-61188 Hobart Ave – Best Value.
    • Under $200,000 – 61378 Geary Dr. – Best Feature – Work area & Stairway.
    • *Green Building Award $300,000 and Under
  • 2011 Tour of Homes

    • $200,000 to $275,000 – Forest Meadows: Best Architectural Design, Best Kitchen, Best Interior Finish, Best Landscaping, Best Value and Best of Show.
    • Under $180,000: Shady Pines – Best Feature – Staircase. **Ultimate EPS Award: Awarded to the builder with the lowest Energy Performance Score (EPS).
    • Above 2000 sq. ft. Forest Meadows and below 2000 sq. ft. with solar: Shady Pines.
  • 2008 Tour of Homes

    • $300,000 – $350,000: Best Architectural Design, Best Kitchen, Best Interior Finish, Best Landscaping, Best Garage & Best of Show
    • $200,000 – $250,000: Best Landscaping,
    • *Green Building Award – Under $300,000

*The Green Building Award recognizes Woodhill Homes as a leading green builder in our industry as they desire to increase levels of comfort, energy efficiency, and related home health issues in all of their homes.

*The Green Building Award recognizes Woodhill Homes in their outstanding achievement in the realm of green building design and construction for home projects located in Central Oregon. The awards recognize leaders that engage in the implementation of sustainability principles.

**The Energy Performance Score (EPS), developed by Energy Trust, provides a clear and quantitative way to compare a home’s energy use and costs. The lower the score, the better. A low score means an energy-efficient home with a smaller carbon footprint and reduced utility costs.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity

    We do the right thing at all times.

  • Adaptable

    The ability to change quickly and confidently when required.

  • Innovative

    Doing things differently and better.

  • Passionate

    Loving what we do, and letting it show.

  • Self Starters

    Proactive; anticipative; taking positive, productive action in our roles.

  • Competitive

    Forcing the game in our direction.

  • Responsible

    Perpetually making contributions that exceed our standards and expectations.

  • Team Players

    Putting the good of the team or company above that of the individual.